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SH/ENT/002 - Single Panel Door

For a shower inside a 3 walled alcove this single frameless glass shower door is secured with two wall hinges and sealed using seals to the wall / base and a magnetic strip on the closing side to hold the door shut. As standard we use 8mm clear toughened safety glass at a height of 2 metres, with polished chrome hardware, and doors open outwards only with a door knob.


If you would prefer a different glass type/thickness, or alternative finish hardware please include this on your quotation request. We hold brushed nickel/stainless steel and matt black finish hardware as stock, and can provide additional finishes on longer lead times.


To obtain a quotation send us either a dimensioned description of the finished width from tile to tile and the height required or drawing of what it is you are trying to do, including any enhancements to finish. We will send you an email with the price including delivery and approximate lead time.


Typical Hardware Used:

Glass to Wall Hinges
Door Knob
Glass to Tray Seal
Hinge Side Seal
Closure Side Seal



Please send us an enquiry including dimensions and post code to sales@spiralhardware.co.uk or call us on 01842 811818 for a price



To discuss your project requirements please contact 01842 811818



Design Considerations General Guide

Frameless glass shower door

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Guide price for this door at 800mm wide and 2m high £236.55 + VAT